About Team-D

Guangdong Team-D Group Co., Ltd., commonly known as Team-D, is focused on the research, development, manufacturing, project construction and renting of reinforced concrete saws, mining equipment, diamond consumables and related accessories.
In addition to standard saws, diamond consumables and mining diamond wires, Team-D also provides custom products for our worldwide customers. Our products all feature high operational efficiency and are safe for use. Also, these products are ideal solutions for a variety of industries, such as underwater cutting, marine, aviation, nuclear power and mining, etc.

Team-D has always strictly adhered to the business philosophy of, “corporate culture is the key and the foundation of corporate development”, so we place great importance on cultivating our corporate culture.
The Team-D logo is a hexagonal figure formed by “T” and “D”, “T” is short for “Tian”, mandarin phonetic symbol of “天” (the Chinese symbol), referring to “the world” in Chinese; “D” is short for “Di”, mandarin phonetic symbol of “弟” (the Chinese symbol), referring to “brother” in Chinese.
Therefore, the logo means that Team-D’s brand and products, are meant to provide both our customers and our planet benefits for now and the future and together with our clients we will build a better future!

Guangdong Team-D Group Co., Ltd., has been in business since 2003 .

Our headquarters located in the Tianhe District, Gangzhou City, adjacent to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, enjoy significant logistical benefits, like, convenient transportation benefits enabling decreased lead times and cost savings.

Team-D always places great focus on the research and development of our concrete cutter. In order to perfect this product, we have established an R&D department, whose members use SOLIDWORKS, Proe, and many other software tools for 3D modeling, motion simulation, finite element method (FEM), and engineering mechanism analysis. Additionally, they are also responsible for the development and improvement of new concrete cutters according to customers’ requirements and applications.

Team-D’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with more than fifty CNC machining units. These machines are operated in strict accordance with the design drawings or the sample, providing high machining accuracy (with a tolerance of 0.01mm) and high working efficiency.

In addition, all our concrete cutters are assembled by experienced technicians, and all of whom have worked in the product assembly field for over 5 years. They are responsible for completing efficient, high-quality assembly, as well as the control of the working procedures and machining qualities. In this way, all the finished Team-D’s products will enjoy high stability and are very practical.

We always strive for innovation, improvement and development of our products. This includes conducting strict control of product quality, and reliability as well as enhancing manufacturing technologies so that we can cut costs to clients, thereby enhancing customer value!

Team-D is never satisfied with current achievements.In fact, we always endeavor to innovate, advance and bring our message to the world! After careful observation of the current business climate, our own competitiveness strengths, as well as the future development of our company, We have embarked upon a mission to allow a worldwide flow of our products, staff and information to create aggressive competitiveness in the global market.

Team-D’s products have been sold to many countries and regions in Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa, etc. In these areas we have gained universal popularity.

In addition, Team-D offers 24-hour technical support and after-sales service completely free of charge.

Team-D is strictly dedicated to the development of global strategic partners, and the building of a world-famous brand in the concrete cutting field.